We like to help you get the most out of DriverUpdatePlus. Before you uninstall the software, please free to call us our friendly support representatives on the numbers below to help you in any aspect of the software program or please feel
free to email us

  • 1-800-884-6849 (US/ CA)
  • 0800-044-8195 (UK)
  • + 44 (203) 514 5572 (International)

Uninstall DriverUpdatePlus with these 4 easy steps:

Click or tap the “Start” button of your Windows computer

Menu option will show up in front of your screen and redirects you to the page where you can uninstall the software.

Proceed to “Control Panel”

You can see the Control Panel option from your drop-down menu after clicking on the “Start” button at the left corner of your desktop. This menu will lead you to another set of options including “Uninstall programs” or “programs”.

Select “Uninstall Program”

Choosing this option will give you a complete list of all the programs installed inside your system. Take a look at it carefully and choose the software that you wish to remove from your computer. Choose DriverUpdatePlus

Click the “Uninstall” button

The wizard window you previously used when installing the software is also the one you will be using when you uninstall the program.